Vasco Estrelado


Vasco Estrelado is a professional photographer that found in photography his vocation.

Vasco is a self trained artist, with strong level of self dedication and online formation with the biggest names in the industry. Additionally he has trained a very significant number of beginners in his workshop's of digital photography and on YouTube where he had a channel with the name Fotosbycaco, that´s now called Vasco Estrelado.

Based in Lisbon Portugal, Vasco delivers full service, from pre-prodution to final post-prodution in various areas. His expertise is in Automotive Photography and environmental Portraits but also Vasco works with other areas namely Real Estate and comercial Photography.


What Clients say:


" The photography in publications about cars in Portugal is a little gray, always focusing on formulas and visual techniques that are old, most often, give an outdated and sad tone.
The photos of Vasco are giving a new life to this area. Visually appealing and aesthetic details show unusual and great technical knowledge, which puts his work at the level of what is made in the most recognized car magazines in the world."


Ricardo Santos , Art Editor of Turbo Magazine


"Dragone Classic Motorcars and Dragone Auctions has used many Photographers in the U.S. and Europe and you have done some of the best automobile photos for our auction catalog that we have ever had done. 

Manny Dragone, from Dragone Classic Motocars, USA


"Watching vasco work is fascinating, because we see I'm move fast and thinking and talking with I'm self and we can't follow along but he still plays and jokes around. And in the end when we see the photos is made we can't believe that is what he was doing. No matter, in what conditions, rain, cold, lack of time or of good location he always make it happen, no Mather what, the end result it's always amazing ."

Private Client- Car Collector




 "Niobo always looked for people who could form partnerships to respond in a more appropriate way to the needs of its customers.
Throughout this time we found some, one is, without a shadow of doubt, our friend Vasco Estrelado. Since its help in the Niobo Roadshow held in Lisbon, the videos directed and produced by him, their advice was in fact the most valuable for us . It has been a very interesting partnership that has and will continue to grow. Our many thanks.

NIOBO - Photography Store - 


"Working with Vasco Estrelado was very rewarding and enriching as student or client. He is always available to help his clients or students, and with his working positive attitude and proactive way that he face all the challenges that are proposed to him. Vasco is extremely focus on his job. I hope to work with him again very soon. Vasco is an excellent photographer and Multimedia professional, and have a very clear vision of the Client need."

 Flávio Barreiro, Social Media and Digital Marketeer